About Us


The West London Bangladeshi Association (WLBA) is a charity organisation based in the London Borough of Hillingdon. One of our key aspirations is to help forge greater unity between British Bangladeshis and the wider community living in West London and the surrounding area through basic education and events celebrating the rich culture, heritage and history of Bangladesh, particularly targeting the younger generation.

The West London Bangladeshi Association was established on 2nd January 2011 as a non-political, non-profit making social and welfare organisation to fill a noticeable void for British Bangladeshis to work with the wider community and the Authorities to empower struggling Bangladeshis and celebrate all that is Bengali but also bring about community cohesion between British Bangladeshis and their neighbours particularly for those Bangladeshis that face barriers such as a weak command of the English language, apparent lack of confidence, mobility restrictions and low levels of education.

All our members are voluntary and our aim is to empower the community to achieve their potential, celebrating Bangladeshi culture, inspiring Bangladeshi youth and assisting the elderly within the Bangladeshi community in order to confidently and proudly live their lives as British Bangladeshis for the good off the whole community.

Aims & Objectives

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